About Us

We offer expertise advice and assistance to students wishing to study abroad and people wishing to travel, work and do internships in companies, homes and organizations abroad. Our role is to give you a step by step guide to the right path to achieving your goals in an easy and quickest way possible.

As a study, work and travel abroad  non profit organization based in US, we believe that people need access to expert advice on procedures and steps they need to undergo to achieve their dreams. We know that many applicants and their families experience a lot of challenges in their journey to travelling, studying, interning or working abroad.

We are extensively experienced in the field of travel, study and work abroad. Thanks to our partners and expert consultants who are qualified and have significant experience in international travel orientation, academic mobility, internship and work placement in different companies abroad.

Why Us?

  • Our approach to study abroad process is very simple
  • We enable you travel, study and work with confidence
  • We advise on education, study visas, internship and work experience abroad
  • We offer different programs which provides a great opportunity to having something for everyone.