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Why You Need an Agency To Apply To A University Abroad

Why You Need an Agency To Apply To A University Abroad

If you are an international student, applying to a university abroad by yourself can be overwhelming. There is a lot of things to consider, procedures to follow and information that you need to know. Although most people run to “Mr Google” for information, one thing you need to know is that you may not find everything that you need online. And if you do, some information may be contradicting, complicated and difficult to understand. Especially information on visa application procedures and everything you need to do for your visa to be approved.

Furthermore, each case is different, people share their experiences on internet and your case might be totally different from theirs and require a different approach. So when you run online for information, there are two things you are likely to do: either do the application process wrongly or get overwhelmed and confused with the information and give up on the entire thing.

Some international universities also have multiple websites and you may be looking for information that is not standardized for all. In this case, an agency would make the process simple for you by identifying the universities that best suit you putting into consideration your qualifications (both academic and visa) and financial stability.

As not everyone wishing or planning to study abroad is readily equipped with knowledge on how to begin the application process and what is involved in the entire process, here is a quick breakdown:

First, you need to find and choose the right university and program you’re going to study

Make a research on the student life on campus at the university selected

Write an essay or personal statement explaining yourself and the reasons for applying to that university.

Get recommendation letters if required by your university

Compile all the relevant documents (academic certificates, transcripts, bank statements, letters of sponsorship, etc)

Since the above procedure is time consuming and require intensive research and knowledge, most international students who choose to apply to universities abroad by themselves struggle and end up getting stuck in the process and  give up, or delay their application and losing money.

So, if you are an international student trying to apply to a university oversees by yourself, chances are, you will make wrong choices or decisions, miss the deadline and give up. Major reason being: The Lack of Knowledge

Most students intending to study abroad are always advised by their sponsors to apply to the universities early enough to not miss the deadline, but they are rarely provided with the guidelines on the application process and how to go about the entire thing. Several students are left confused and stranded about where to start from and the next steps. With a surplus of universities and courses to choose from, students find it hard to make a decision. And with lack of knowledge and pressure to make the choice immediately, you can be prompted to choose a popular university and a course that is touted to ensure a job upon graduation instead of what suits your qualifications, interests and financial capabilities. All these may land you into making a wrong decision at the very first step.

Another problem that most international students face due to lack of knowledge is knowing all the requirements of the institution they intent to apply to and the procedures involved. With so many universities, trying to understand the requirement of each university is another main issue that international students face throughout the application process. Different colleges and universities have different requirements that you need to meet in order to be accepted. If you are trying to apply to a few institutions at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track of these requirements.

For instances, some universities require more than one essays or personal statements before offering the student an interview while others require students submit their high school test scores and recommendations letters. Application deadline differs too. All these mishaps may lead to confusion and frustrations over missed deadlines and cancellation due to incomplete documents because of rushed application.

Lack of Funds

Due to lack of knowledge, and with the pressure of wanting to apply to as many universities as possible in order to increase the chances of being accepted, most students end up spending above their budget before even getting an offer to any. Remember, each application you submit, you have to pay a non-refundable fee.  The application fee may not be that much but if you apply to several universities, you end up spending more as compared to students who apply to specific universities that best suit them. The university administration offers may also take forever to reply to your concerns on finances and tuition fee.

Besides, there are several scholarships and financial aids that you aren’t aware of yet you are eligible. Most students don’t apply for scholarships because they think they won’t qualify for them when they actually do or there are better options available for them that they aint aware of. And those willing to apply get frustrated about the procedure thus giving up.

Lack of Time

As mentioned earlier, the procedures involved in applying for a university abroad is time consuming.  You can’t manage to contact a thorough research about the universities, to find out the one that best suits you considering your qualifications, finances, and other factors. An agency has this information at hand already, that’s why it is recommended to use one, if you want to save time.

The Waiting Process

After working so hard looking for a submitting those pesky documents, here now comes the most nerve-wracking part— waiting for the feedback.  The long waiting time can be so agonizing. You are anxious to know whether you’ve been accepted but the college you applied to seem to take forever to give you a feedback and there is nothing you can do apart from waiting.

Why go through all this trouble when you can simplify the entire process by applying through an agency?  As much as it may sound easy and tempting to apply to universities abroad directly by yourself, the process is actually tedious and takes far longer than you think. So, if you need help with the application process, we are here for you.